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1980s Fashion History. Power Dressing and Influence of Television Soap Series ‘Dynasty’ and ‘Dallas’

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Brief History of Women’s Fashion – The 1920s – A concise illustrated history of 1920’s women’s fashion -1920 to 1929. Introduction. 1.1920’s Style – The key Features.

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An archaeological find of medieval lingerie in Austria has raised questions concerning our ancestors’ dressing habits. Here, Beatrix Nutz examines underwear, hygiene and social acceptance in the 15th and 16th centuries

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The history of 1940s lingerie. What bras, girdles, slips and underwear or panties did women wear? What did they look like? How to wear them today?

The loincloth is the simplest form of underwear; it was probably the first undergarment worn by human beings. In warmer climates the loincloth was often the only clothing worn (effectively making it an outer garment rather than an undergarment), as was doubtless its origin, but in colder regions the loincloth often formed the basis of a person

Craig Warga—Bloomberg via Getty Images By Merrill Fabry December 8, 2015 When the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is held on Tuesday, only one particular woman will be more prominent than the runway models: Victoria herself. The company got its start when businessman Roy Raymond was trying

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The history of 1920s lingerie including underwear, bras, slips, robes, night gowns, pajamas, coolie coats, and bed caps.

Lavishly illustrated and concise history of women’s makeup styles and cosmetics from the war years of the 1940s

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Etymology. The word “linen” is derived from the Latin for the flax plant, which is linum, and the earlier Greek λίνον (linon).This word history …