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Teen Breaks provides info on early pregnancy symptoms and abortion stories written by teens for teens dealing with abortion and pregnancy concerns.

Major Issues Facing Teenagers: Teen Suicide, college Shootings, Cyberbullying, Internet Addiction, Bullying, T.V. & Teen , by Ofer Zur, Ph.D., offered

cences and teen psychology pages. Youth issues, teen depression, suicide, pornography, music. Parenting and raising teenagers, education.

We all want the best for our ren and families. But whether you’re trying to bond with your infant, deal with a difficult teen, or help your s cope with the turmoil of a divorce, parenting presents a unique set of challenges. And if you’re the family caregiver for an ailing , parent

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Teen problems are vast and complicated. From their inner selves to family and outside influences, teen problems have many faces and forms.

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A teen pregnancy is filled with many challenges. Learn about teen pregnancy struggles and helpful tips to succeed and thrive.

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These TeenHealthFX supplemental materials can be used to enhance your current health curriculum, providing additional information, discussion questions and resources on various topics related to teen health.

With each new generation come new challenges or different versions of the same struggles that have affected teens for decades. Bullying, peer pressure, body shaming, negative self-perception — the list of teen issues goes on and on.

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It’s hard to be a teen. We give you advice to help guide you through the perils and issues that plague teens.

Teen Suicide Causes and Issues. Since the teenage years are among the most difficult years of life, it is not really a surprise that the third leading cause of death among 15 to 24 s – and the fourth leading cause of death among 10 to 14 s – is suicide.