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Oct 05, 2009 · The national obsession with instantaneous communication is taking a toll on teens so severe that some experts are calling it a crisis. It’s not the phenomenon of cell-phoning or messaging while driving — both are in New Jersey — but all-night texting that is leaving too many teens too tired for college.

Going to College: a resource for teens with disabilities. High college “To Do” lists What do you think? Before you get started, think about …

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53 Communication: Participants practice effective communication skills. Lesson plans: 1) Ways to Communicate . 2) Conflict Resolution . 3) Online communication…

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Nov 12, 2013 · Earlier this month Facebook’s chief financial officer, David Ebersman confirmed a worrying, but long-suspected trend for the world’s biggest social network: teenagers, perhaps the most important demographic for a modern-day communication tool, were becoming less active on the site. “We did see

Feel like you’re speaking different languages? These techniques for good communication with ren will help you build stronger bonds & better parent- communication.

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In April 2002, Magazine and the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation conducted a nationally representative survey of 15- to 17-year-old youth in the United States about sexual health communication between teens and their parents.[]

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The volume of texting among teens has risen from 50 texts a day in 2009 to 60 texts for the median teen text user. Older teens, mans, and blacks are leading the increase. Texting is the dominant daily mode of communication between teens and all those with whom they communicate. The typical American

1 Module 1: Communication The use of effective communication skills is an important social competency. This module assists cents with distinguishing between aggressive, assertive and nonassertive communication.

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Smartphones are fueling a shift in the communication landscape for teens. Nearly three-quarters of teens now use smartphones and 92% of teens report going

Whether it’s an everyday issue like collegework or an emergency situation, these tips can help you improve communications with your parents and other adults.

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