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One of my worst sex nightmares is breaking someone’s penis. The cracking sound, the discoloration, and, most likely, the screams are the stuff of horror movies. If you share this nightmare, or if you’re just morbidly curious, you may have wondered how such a thing can happen. Because there aren

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The experts at WebMD explain various types of bone fractures, including their various complications.

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Dr. Allan Inglis Jr., orthopedic surgeon, answers readers’ questions on fractures of the pelvic bone, one of the most serious injuries in his field.

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Ouch! Can You Really Break Your Penis? The penile condition recently featured on the TV medical drama Grey’s Anatomy is real and, sorry guys (and teens), not uncommon

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May 06, 2018 · Bachelor In Paradise’s Jake Ellis was rushed to hospital at 3am after ‘breaking’ his penis while having sex with his teenfriend Megan Marx.In March, the coup

Clinical Relevance: Cranial Fractures. The majority of skull fractures result from blunt force or penetrating trauma, and can produce numerous signs and symptoms.The clinical features may be obvious, such as visible injuries and bleeding.

Pain, burns, cuts, lost foreign objects—if something goes wrong between the sheets, our guide to common sex injuries has you covered.

Okay, so there isn’t a bone in your penis, but you can fracture it. This happens when there’s a tear in the part of the penis called the tunica albuginea.

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A Mayo Clinic specialist explains what might cause a penis fracture.

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