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Nov 30, 2010 · No Sleep. What do you call falling a sleep for 1 to 1 1/2 hours and then not being able to sleep for 1 to 3 hours before finally falling a sleep until its time to …

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Teens need about 8-1/2 to more than 9 hours of sleep each night. But you might not be getting it. Here’s why – and tips for getting more shut-eye.

Blue light from electronic devices can impair the body’s ability to sleep, making it hard to focus in the morning.

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Based on sleep research from Stanford University, the LumosTech smart sleep mask is a scientifically-validated way to take control of your sleep schedule.

Find the top information from accreddited physicians and doctors about aging & sleep. Discover a wealth of information on National Sleep Foundation.

Sleep health information from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Symptoms and treatments for insomnia, sleep apnea and sleep disorders. Find a sleep …

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UCLA Sleep Disorders Center is a recognized leader and pacesetter in the clinical practice of sleep medicine and sleep research.The UCLA Sleep Disorders Center has continuously been accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and takes great pride in providing outstanding patient care and leadership in sleep education and …

May 22, 2017 · Sleep is an important part of your daily routine—you spend about one-third of your time doing it. Quality sleep – and getting enough of it at the right times — is as essential to survival as food and water. Without sleep you can’t form or maintain the pathways in your brain that let you

Chronotypes and sleep disorders. Some people are morning larks and rise early and are more active in the morning. Others are night owls and sleep late, being more active in the evenings and late nights.

In the whiplash of parenthood, we have early rising toddlers who evolve into teens who won’t get up. 6 sleep tips for tweens and teens to keep them healthy.

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