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Introduction to Diagram of Internal Organs . Human body is entirely known as organism. Human body consists of various organ systems, each of which comprises of number of organs whose functions complement each other.

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Insect morphology is the study and description of the physical form of insects. The terminology used to describe insects is similar to that used for other arthropods due to their shared evolutionary history.

Read the definitions, then label the fish diagram below. (Note: not all fish have all of the fins defined below.)

The first section of the mouth is known as the oral cavity, or the mouth cavity. This space is bordered in the front and to the sides by …

Complete patient guide of teeth names and numbers. Learning your basic dental anatomy is the first step to understanding your dental treatment plan.

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WebMD’s Teeth Anatomy Page provides a detailed diagram and definition of the teeth, inlcuding types, names, and parts of the teeth.

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Otoro is the most desired part of the tuna belly that usually doesn’t get a price on any sushi house menus. Toro or o-toro is the best part of the tuna.

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Labial Surface Diagram of the Tooth Numbering System (viewed as if looking into the mouth) Buccal (Facial) Surface Occlusal Surface Incisal Surface Right Left

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A fully labelled human body muscle diagram. 4 FANTASTIC large size (A4) labeled HUMAN BODY MUSCULAR SYSTEM PICTURES for you to download, print and then photocopy multiple times!

Continued From Above This process of physically separating food into smaller pieces is known as mechanical digestion.The tongue, lips, and cheeks assist in mechanical digestions by holding food in the mouth and moving it around so that it can be effectively chewed by the teeth.

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