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Information about Hoffa’s Syndrome, or infrapatellar fat pad impingement, and how to treat this condition conveniently in your own home with cold compression therapy, and deep tissue rehabilitation (DTR).

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Jun 17, 2013 · Sometimes after a forceful direct impact to the kneecap, the fat pad can become impinged (pinched) between the distal thigh bone ( femoral condyle) and the kneecap (patella).

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Foot pain affects approximately one in four older people. • Foot pain impairs mobility and balance, and is an independent risk factor for falls.

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A condition that refers to the loss of fat pads on feet and thinning of the protective cushioning that sits under the bones, in the ball of the foot.

Comparative foot morphology involves comparing the form of distal limb structures of a variety of terrestrial vertebrates.Understanding the role that the foot plays for each type of organism must take account of the differences in body type, foot shape, arrangement of structures, loading conditions and other variables.

Foot and Ankle Disorders: Radiographic Signs George Koulouris, MD,* and William B. Morrison, MD† T he foot and ankle are commonly imaged for a variety of

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Fat Pad Foot Disorders 89

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